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The Influence Of Magnetic Tile
(1) high residual magnetic flux density Br. Because in the same magnetic surface area and air gap, Br high to produce large output torque and large power. The motor will have a higher efficiency. (2) h
Escort for Your Quality and Saf
DOIT has bought O-ring Automated Optical Inspection Equipment in Sept.2014. The only target is to maintain manufacturing automation. Thus, DOIT can provide you the same products which are produced by w
If not DOIT,WHO?
As Taiwan-funded enterprises, DOIT has professional skills in rubber materials selecting and mold making.We have knowledgable sales team,design and QC engineers. who can directly working for you.With f

Qualification certification

ISO 9001
ISO 9001, the most recognized standard, a quality management system that can be used in industries in the world.
TS 16949
TS 16949 is the standard recognized worldwide related to quality management as it applies to any
Sampling Plan
Doit Rubber Products adopts the MIL-STD-105E sampling plan forproduct inspection.